Last weekend, I got the chance to see a few movies that I had my eye on for quite some time. One of them I was looking forward to since the age before time (approximately 4 months) and that is Spike Jones’ new movie “Her”. Another is Woody Allen’s hit summer flick “Blue Jasmine” and lastly the highly imaginative “Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. Each of them had a different tone, theme and varied greatly from one another. Yet, I loved them all. Depending on your mood and state of mind, here’s what you should check out :

For a poignant film that centralizes on the relationship between technology’s effect on harnessing love check out : Her 


This movie resonated with me on a personal level. Its tone shifts from dismal to cheerful to bittersweet and has a lost in translation feel to it. Set in the not so far future, Her, provides insight on the way technology is an extension of our daily lives and the prevalent role it plays. If you think we’re so dependant on tech now, wait till you see Her. Take the main character Theodore (played by Joaquin Phoenix)  for instance who after a recent separation from his bittersweet one year marriage, ends up falling in love and having a relationship with his OS : a highly advanced  and automated operating system on a computer that has the cognitive and linguistic abilities of a person but without the physical being of one. Yes, ladies and gents, a relationship with a computer operating system .The scary part is that it’s not deemed as odd to go around telling people that you’re dating your OS in fact you can go on a group date with your OS (it’s what all the cool peeps are doing)  and observe the startling reality of society at large being alienated because of it. It’s love in the modern age and sheds light on how love and relationships are conceptualized to mean something  different. The ending of the film is purposely left open and ambiguous, making you wonder what’s in store for Theodore. Also,bonus points to the incredible soundtrack  in the movie (which won an Oscar)

For the Woody Allen enthusiasts who are interested in whimsical rom coms (romantic comedies) check out Blue Jasmine.
When I think of Woody Allen, I think of : quirkiness, tumultuous relationships,bipolar personalities and ingenuity. The latest film of Woody Allen is all that and more. Cate Blanchett epitomizes her role as former debonair who loses her glamourous lifestyle after her husband gets arrested for embezzling money. Add affairs into the mix, internal monologues being externalized to random strangers ,louis freaking ck and you’re bound for a film that’s got all the qualities and virtues of one of Allen’s finest works.
 For the “dreamers” who are into fun, silly and light hearted films, watch : Secret Life of Walter Mitty. 
Out of the 3 ,this was my last film I watched and I’m glad it was. Reason being was because its ending wasn’t ambiguous but instead left me feeling optimistic. In the movie, Ben Stiller plays the main protagonist Walter Mitty, a photo negative specialist working at Life magazine who gets frequently “zoned out” by the adventurous and idealistic scenarios he plays in his head. In his mind, he’s more than just the average joe , has extensive super powers and lives a life with purpose. In reality, he’s looking for love and ends up obsessing over a fellow co worker who just so happens to be have an eharmony account as well. In the end, a missing negative makes him travel far and wide facing tumultuous volcano eruptions, mountain top climbing in the Himalayas, and skateboarding  in “Greenland”. It’s safe to say he gets out of his comfort zone and no longer needs to escape into his fantastical world because his reality is more exciting than his fantasies. This will hit home to all the dreamers out there, who strive to get out of their comfort zones and find themselves creating fantasies of what could be. The message is clear : make your dreams become your reality, by getting out your comfort zone and not letting fear take over you. No room for cowards, just people with enough courage and grit to make it happen.

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