Finals have come upon us (or for most of us university peeps). It’s not a fun time but this semester I got lucky in having only 2 classes, meaning I’m not feeling the gist of it .. yet ( I give myself 2 days until I reach panic mode realizing my final is in less than a week). Anyways, I  recently spent a large potion of my time, binge watching on my favourite “binge watchable” series at the moment which is, Sons of Anarchy. I won’t lie, it took me a while to get into it. The hype reached its peak within the 4-5 episode mark and boy did it create an impact. Let’s put it this way ,  I finished season 1 four days prior, and I’m almost done season 3 . I’m in too deep , there’s no denying that I’ve become a devoted fangirl.

I’m not all for watching predominately male driven shows. Too much testosterone fueled violence for my mind to handle. Yet, with Sons of Anarchy,I  can handle it. Strange shit indeed.  I tried wrapping my mind around why and I finally came up with a solid list of reasons. So lets get down to that.

1. It has an interesting storyline.  Turns, out the story line draws on  everyone’s favourite Shakespeare play “Hamlet”.  I’m sure most of you peeps read Hamlet back in high school ,I remember it being the most interesting play out of all the ones I’ve “read”. If you’re anything like me and have selective memory when it comes to details, then you’ll need a refresher. In a nutshell, without over complicating manners :  Clay, the president of the SOA biker club is King Claudius, who’s married to the Queen Getrude (played by the lovely Katey Segal) whose former husband died. Her son, Jax is Vice President of the club and is Hamlet, the anti- hero in the show who tries to follow in his father’s guided advice  to set things right for the motorcycle club.

2. A soundtrack that compliments the show .  I’ve come to notice how a lot of times soundtracks to shows  don’t meche very well or  just serve as background music . In SOA, the music  goes hand in hand with the events playing on the screen in a very effective manner. So much so, that I’ve already went out and downloaded several songs played in the season (including the every so catchy bad ass theme song). SOA has action and drama overlapping one another which calls for a riveting series. The songs played are in accordance to what you see,so it adds that extra impact which draws you in even more. I can’t seem to get “John the Revelator” aka the catchy song played during the last few minutes in the last episode of the first season out of my head. Music goes a long way in SOA.

3. Jax. As mentioned previously, Jax Teller is the main character in the show who plays Hamlet or better yet the  youngest member  and vice president of SOA.  Without stating the obvious about his “physical assets” that he possesses (every lady wants to have his babies), he’s got a rawness onscreen that  makes you disregard all the bad shit he’s done. He’s no rigid sob, he’s got a soul with a big heart to match . His “anti hero” tendencies are what separates him from the rest and makes him stand out as the lone wolf who tries to figure out the right way of doing things  in his tight laced club that has an “all or nothing” approach to life. In the end, he serves as the moral compass of the pack.

4. Katey Segal reigns surpreme.  I love seeing actors do a 180 in their character roles.  Katey Segal was once the dependent and needy materialistic wife in Married with Children as well as a kindred mother in 8 Simple Rules yet in SOA she’s a blend of sugar, spice and everything nice. (more emphasis on spice). She’s a tough bitch, but her toughness stems from wisdom and experience not from idiocy. Lots of bitch slapping,  shovel hitting and brilliant one liner comebacks is what to expect with this seriously bad ass queen.

5.  Romantic interest between opposites. Maybe I’m a sucker for romance, but be it as it may.  When I see a romance blossom between 2 seemingly different people who come from two entirely different worlds , I’m drawn in.  Add old flames into the mix, threats from “groupie” gals and love is tested on so many damn levels, it keeps you wondering which couples bring on the hype (but no sustenance) and which are the real deal .

6. Endless Surprises. One minute you’re being a spectator to a bonding moment shared between the SOA (think firm handshakes kisses on the mouth -mafia style) the next,  shotguns and rifles are being taken out and all hell breaks loose. In SOA, you’re always on the edge of your seat and never know what to expect. It has that Breaking Bad element in that it’s not a predictable show which is something I admire.

7. Family is at the heart of it all. Even despite how SOA is all for illegal trading, violence, and heartless killings, the one thing that stands above all that is family. They share an uncanniness to the mafia, in that they do it all for the protection of their club and family. Their sick , twisted and psychotic tendencies, is all done in the name of love (or so they claim).  Either way, family plays a big part in SOA and the close knit ties held between several of the main characters  adds a  heart warming element to an already titillating show. It makes me wonder whether I should give “The Sopranos” a run for its money.



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