After Dexter and Breaking Bad came to an end, I knew that I had to find another show that I could potentially become addicted to. With the second season  of Orange is the New Black only premiering next year, it left an empty void to fill during the months preceding to winter. That’s when the Showtime series  “Masters of Sex” came into play. Despite its name and its given Showtime status , it’s not a kinky show that is meant to get you all hot and aroused. Instead it’s a cerebral series that offers  insight behind the masterminds who pioneered and revolutionized the way Americans viewed sex during the 1950’s. Think of it this way : It’s Mad Men, scrutinized behind bedroom doors and without the advertisement motif. 

In a nutshell, the series focuses on two main characters :  William Masters, a rigid and meticulous doctor whose passion in the physiological aspects that occur during sexual intercourse leads him to studying “sex” and Virginia Johnson, a doey eyed beauty whose charm and astute nature of her sexuality, allows her to  assist  Masters and form a pioneering unity with him. Together, they embark on a scrutinizing journey to discover the many facets that underlie human sexuality. Despite the taboo nature of the subject, they test out their own hypothesis  by conducting studies that revolves around observing the scientific nature  that goes on during intercourse and states of arousal. With the use of human subjects masturbation, use of dildo’s, and strangers having intercourse with one another to progress science is all part of the name of the game in Masters and Johnson’s studies. Despite its sexually explicit and scientific perspective , Masters of Sex has a well rounded dose of humour and drama which is tightly woven within the framework of a 50’s setting. Family dynamics, marriage and social interactions with the opposite gender are challenged and insight on new hypotheses are focalized while  “gender norms” are redefined and freudian theories are debunked. Johnson offers a refreshing insight into female sexuality and how women don’t need to rely on men for pleasure (as if we didn’t know), while Masters underlying passion for his work, provides the necessary groundwork for exploring the controversial nature of sex during the 1950’s.

Masters of Sex, makes you value and appreciate the progressive nature that exists within the gender norms.  Men,  you don’t know how good you have it, until you see how giving bj’s at the time was seen as a rare occurrence that was “out of this world” and women, we came a long way and now have just as much agency and career opportunities as men do. Cheers to that.



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