When I first heard the song “Royals” from “Lorde” playing on the radio in my friend’s car, I viewed it as nothing more than a seemingly catchy pop tune from another pop singer who was probably a sell out.  The song was playing on Virgin Radio, aka a radio station that plays  Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus tunes on auto repeat . The third time, I heard it permeating from the vintage radio in my dentist’s office and for some reason at that moment, it struck a chord. The finger snapping, the vocal harmony , and the lyrics resonated with me. It wasn’t simply just a “catchy pop tune” , it had substance as well.

Yesterday, I came across several articles published about Lordes’ new album being released but one article in particular caught my attention. It revealed the underlying reason WHY Lordes’ aka Ella Maria Lani, a humble singer from the UK became  a worldwide success. Not only did her origins take me by surprise but the fact that she made it on the billboard charts and never has actually been to America,  was a shocker. Not to mention, she’s ONLY 16 years old.  Unlike her tween queen predecessors, she doesn’t have the need to dress provocatively to become a commercial success or sing about her infallible nature of acting crazy and being rebellious to shock people. Instead, she keeps it real by calling bullshit over  the allure of the hedonistic lifestyle that most celebrities possess. In the song, she voices  her concerns over the reality of our narcissistic and selfish generation who choose style over substance.

The song resonates on a multitude of levels, and is a backlash to the glorified celebrities who rose to fame from being sell outs by promoting the “me myself and I” attitude and  using their sexuality and flaunting of materialistic objects to become A-list celebrities ( aka Miley and Kim Kardashian).  She openly mocks the fame stricken celebrities and their lavish lifestyles  by stating how “You can call [her] queen bee ” and”  Let [her] be your ruler”.  ( power + glorification = which is what most “artificial” celebrities want after all)

Using a collective voice , Lordes’ reveals how we (the non fame stricken minority) aren’t caught up in celebrity’s “love affairs”  because we “crave a different kind of buzz”, one that doesn’t consist of  getting drunk off “grey goose” or “trashing hotel rooms” (or singing about it for that matter).   Instead she knows that “that kind of lux lifestyle ain’t for us” and rather live the royal fantasy of “driving cadillacs” in our dreams, right where it belongs. Her message in the song is clear :  Using your sexuality  for mercenary means and becoming obsessed with materialistic objects isn’t what it’s all about,  don’t fall victim to the hedonistic lifestyle that the media is promoting, instead keep it real and do your own thing.


You can check out her video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFasFq4GJYM


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