Tis the season of Halloween. Normally , I don’t participate in the Halloween ordeal of dressing up, but this year: Hellz to the yes. What you’ll get here is the real deal of Halloween shopping. On 2 separate occasions, I photographed my excursions to Target, Party Central and another random store (which I can’t recall the name of ) with my friends. In the process of scooping out some accessories for our “mysterious” Halloween costumes, we came across quite a few costumes which I felt I needed to share with you all. Why? A) because they’re effin amazing/ overtly ridiculous B) caring is sharing



Anyone who knows me well enough, will know my obsession with canines. Which is why I started off with this wondrous “Marilyn Monroe” costume get up specially designed for your canine friends. Not only does it come with her signature blonde do’, but you get her signature white dress and voluptuous breasts as well!  How can you not resist this “ridogulous” costume??


“Giant” boob : for the pervy men who need to express their love for boobs by having one giant one encompassing their very bodies


A mashup of Jason with a lizard tongue. MMM.


Nothing special here other than your typical shelf full of slutty attire, which thankfully the store had the honours of storing in the back row of the store


Rub a dub dub.  For the men who want it bad, but don’t have the heart to express it in words, so they wear an overt genie costume to attract the ladies



(claws included!)

How bad ass is this costume? I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again : I’ll befriend WHOEVER WEARS  A WOLVERINE COSTUME.

elaphoto 4-4

I still have no idea what this funky head accessory represented. It just exuded randomness.

photo 5-5

I nearly suffocated wearing this Kiss mask. Otherwise, if you’re a hardcore KISS fan , you’ll embrace  in the suffocation  for an awesome mask.


This is my initial reaction when I come across a Mary Poppin’esque umbrella along with fake boobs.[Repost from the beloved Instagram] 


You think we just focused Halloween costume shopping on us ? Hell no. Call us sadists, but the thought of dressing up our canine friends in some silly get ups, was enough to send us laughing maniacally towards the cash, to ring in our purchases for these Halloween goodies!

Exhibit A :  Eleanor The “Friendly Hyper-esque Lion”

photo 5-1


Exhibit B : Hubert : The Fiesty Dino-Dog

photo 1-2

photo 4

That’s all folks!


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