With summer officially over and the first week of classes already starting, I can whole heartedly declare that I’ve had quite the interesting summer. There’s no denying that a daily part of my summer filled days consisted of  a weekly visit to the theaters ( cheapy tuesdays ftw!) . I think I’ve watched a grand total of over 14 films .The majority of the 14 films were good, but a selective few really stood out to me. Whether they affected me in a personal way, challenged my thoughts, or made me “lol”, they did the job of igniting a response in me. As a way to revel in my favourite summer flicks, I decided to share with you all my top 5 favourite movies from the summer



1. This Is The End. I don’t know where to begin on this one, other than saying how fucken hilarious it was. When I initially watched the trailer and saw how Rihanna was cast in it I couldn’t help but be disappointed but then I noticed how she died and became happy.  Pop stars aside, there’s no doubt in mind that the movie’s strength lied within the cast. What do you get when you put James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride,Craig Robinson and Mtl’s own Jay Baruchel, together in a room? An overload of hilarity.  The dynamics shared amongst these diverse characters is something to revel in, so much so that they managed to overshadow the underlying plot of the movie which has to do with them experiencing the after effects of an apocalypse . Add Emma Watson, Michael Cera and a  “nostalgic”  cameo appearance  into the mix and you got yourself the summer’s most hilarious flick. ( Sidenote- I’m definitely buying this movie once it comes out on DVD)

2. Frances Ha. Initially, I got annoyed by the movie being filmed entirely in black and white. It made me feel like they were using an old pretentious approach to filming. Within a few minutes in, the movie’s plot took precedence over the b/w ordeal and diverted my attention towards the depth behind the movie . It initially focuses on two new yorker gals in their mid 20s : upbeat and ambitious Frances and  her quirky looking yet cynical hipster best friend Sophie. Throughout the film, the bond held between her and her bff Sophia is romanticized and challenged. While most of Frances’ other friends are enjoying their youth  (aka sleeping around with multiple peeps)  Frances, is trying to make ends meet with paying her rent and following her passion of becoming a dancer. By centralizing on the “20‘s trope”, the film captures the struggles of today’s  young and creative generation through the lens of Frances .  The dialogue in the movie is casual and offbeat and reminded me of the HBO series Girls (not to mention Adam from Girls is cast in it) . What highlighted the movie’s greatness was the main character, Frances. Unlike her hedonists friends, she didn’t choose to give in to temptation, but rather chose to focus all her energy and time in following her dream of becoming a dancer. The movie celebrates single hood without having the idealistic romantic ending at the very end. For this very reason, I consider it an unconventional yet rewarding flick to watch.

3. The Wolverine. From prior blog posts, I think it’s easy to surmise that I am indeed obsessed with X-men. It’s hard not to think I’m being bias in saying I loved The Wolverine but to prove how I’m not, I’ll openly admit how the first Wolverine sucked. On the contrary, this sequel is a great improvement. Besides having the ever so manly and bad ass Hugh Jackman reprise and (this time) glorify his role as Wolverine, the sequel encapsulated all the action drama  and suspense that was lacking in the first.  Filmed entirely in Japan, Wolverine takes on a whole new setting with distinct characters , amazing visuals and a surprising twist in the plot that keeps you on your toes and wanting to bitch slap several characters in the film.  This movie was beyond exhilarating and didn’t fail to disappoint. Not to mention- the surprising bonus  scene after the credits from the upcoming X-men Days of Future Past which left the entire theatre acting like over anxious and underfed monkeys at a zoo. It was THAT epic.

4. You’re Next– This was a surprisingly good horror movie. After seeing how it fell into the genre of being a “slasher” film I was skeptical over watching it.  Turns out, there’s more depth than meets the ( blood gushing) eye. It had a solid mix of horror, suspense and humour .It’s unlike most banal horror movies that are all about predictable killings and over the top gore . Set primarily in a fancy cottage in the woods, it takes the home invasion genre and adds an interesting twist to it (which I won’t spoil). It’ll make you laugh one second then the next you’ll be covering your eyes and trying not replay the scene you just witnessed. Not to mention, it features an unexpected bad ass heroine who you’ll be cheering for and wanting to viscerally gives high fives to during every bad ass scene in the movie.

5. The Spectacular Now– This movie was as thought provoking and bittersweet as it gets. It made me feel so many emotions that I wasn’t expecting to feel . Yes, it was one of “those” movies that leave you speechless at the very end and makes you feel like your mind is ridden with questions that you don’t have the answers to. Analyze mode : ON . Without giving too much away, all I can say is that the movie focuses on 2 seemingly different adolescent teens  who shape and alter each other’s lives.  The storyline isn’t one dimensional but rather has several sub plots that focus on a multitude of themes such as self discovery, alienation, betrayal, loss and love. The chemistry held between the two main characters feels  improvised and truly is a breath of fresh air to watch. The movie explores an important life altering question that most of us ask ourselves on a daily basis : Is it better to fully invest yourself in living in the moment or focus on the future?


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