Today is the last official day of the Fantasia Movie Festival.  In order to commemorate its greatness , I decided to share with you all my presentation that I wrote for my Fantasia project.  It’s my first year attending the festival and it has been truly an awesome experience. After attending several film premieres and being part of the audience, here are some key features which I found that showcase the uniqueness that stems from Fantasia Festival:

1. During film premieres, audience members become active participants. Normally at a film premiere, if  you talk during a film people give you dirty looks or evil stares, at Fantasia, audience participation  is actually encouraged . For example when I went to see the premieres of The Conjuring  and Curse of Chucky, everyone evoked a visceral response during certain scenes whether it be screaming , clapping or swearing in french every 5 seconds, people were bonding through their visceral reactions.  Nobody gave dirty looks to anyone, instead we all weren’t afraid to express our true uninhibited reactions.

2.  The “Cultural Meowing Phenomena”. Originally I thought people meowing during a scene in the movie of  The Conjuring was just a random act, but after attending other movie premieres and witnessing the same occurrence, I knew there was more to it. After speaking to Daniel, a beloved fantasia staff member at Fantasia, he filled me in on the history behind the meowing phenomena.  Turns out, the meowing stemmed from a short film titled “Sam the Cat” which was produced by a filmmaker who goes by the tech saavy name of DJ XL5 (check out his youtube page for some serious eccentric vids he created) .It premiered 10 years ago at Fantasia and evoked a meowing response from a multitude of audience members. Since then,  the trend started spreading and has become an impromptu gesture to randomly start meowing during Fantasia film premieres.  Some people responded to the meowing  with moo’s and baah’s. It was a serious animal extravaganza at Fantasia!

3. You get a chance to meet and greet the cast and crew. Unlike at many movie premieres where you’re limited in your role as a spectator, at Fantasia, the festival  allows you to watch the premiere with fellow filmmakers and actors from the film. For example when I went to see The Conjuring, actress Joey King who played Christine, one of the sisters in the film  was at the premiere and before the film commenced, she introduced herself then sat down with us to watch the premiere .Secondly, fantasia features a Q/A at the end of the film, which allows you to  interact and engage with the filmmakers or actors.  For example, at the end of the premiere of Chucky, a Q/A with creator Don Mancini and the main cast was featured. Afterwards, you got an opportunity to  exchange small talk with them while getting a  personalized signed movie poster . Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the poster signing, but my IMDB saavy friend waited in line to get his signed poster as well as mine. Featured below is a picture of the poster that displays the witty personalized remarks that Don Mancini and the main cast wrote.

4. Random Goodies!. When I waited in line for The Conjuring, a filmmaker was handing out evil pumpkin seeds to the audience to promote his opening short film of Jack Attack. These little random gestures are one of the many aspects that solidify Fantasia as a unique festival of its own.

Bonus : A FREE Q/A with creator, writer, and director of X-Men movies BRYAN SINGER : This Monday, an hour and half length Q/A was featured with this brilliant man. He spoke about many things, and even showed us sneak peek clips from his newest installment of X-Men titled  “X-Men: Days of Future Past”. Keep your eye out, I’ll soon be posting a blog post about the many fascinating things I learned about Bryan from attending his Q/A.


         Featured in bright red pants- Don Mancini @ Q/A


My hilarious personalized signing from Don and the main actors from Chucky  (Thanks Kevin!)


“Rated X” :  Monday Night’s Q/A with Bryan Singer 


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