Sitting complacently on the metro after my first day of summer class , the lights start to flicker , then turn off. An announcement goes on in french, people (including myself) roll their eyes and sigh in aggravation. Except this time , the announcement is not about a “panne de train” that’s causing a “ralentissement de service”, instead it’s about a lack of electricity. It’s easy to point the finger at STM, after all they’re infamous for their countless disruptions.The announcer says to stay calm that they’ll need to get in contact with Hydro Quebec and the power will return shortly.

Well, “shortly”, turned out to be 45 effin minutes. It became a sauna in the metro, except not with calm and  relaxed people but rather with sweaty, aggravated and anxious people. Books and folders were used as fans, while babies started to cry.  For comic relief and to ease the anxiety and discomforting atmosphere, a kid played the song “je suis chaud” on his ipod. Slight laughter was exchanged, but even I had trouble forcing a laugh out. Gazing at people’s expressions, I can see we were all thinking the same thought  : ” how much longer are we going to endure this for?”. Kleenexes were exchanged to wipe the sweat beating off people’s foreheads and backs.  At one point, a girl was hyperventilating because she couldn’t breathe.

Every time a new announcement came on, we all hoped for positive news but all we got was the vague empty words telling us to stay patient and that the power will return in an “instant”.  The word  “instant” ignited anger in a lot of people, one guy in particular started shouting at the intercom banging his fist against the window out of frustration. Before long, people were trying to get out, opening the doors for some air. The announcement would go back on, telling us NOT to open the doors and stay calm. One girl tried to pull the emergency exit handle but nothing came of it. Eventually, no one cared about what the announcement said and we did what we had to to keep cool, we opened the damn door! Lo and behold,  cool air started to encompass us. Shortly after, hope reigned. The lights in the metro started to flicker back on and the power returned. Halleffinlujah!


On a more positive note, today I got my first food review published online! If you want to take a look at it , click on the link below :



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