If you haven’t already heard , Zach Braff aka the adorably quirky actor that we’ve all grown to love and adore is planning on directing a continuation to his critically acclaimed cult movie “Garden State”.  In order for him to fulfill his creative vision for his upcoming film  “Wish I Was Here”  he decided to hop onto the kickstarter bandwagon.  Before you rush to google search “Kickstarter” , I’ll alleviate your desire by giving you the rundown of what Kickstarter is all about.

In a nutshell,  Kickstarter is an online funding platform that allows users to pledge money to support artists of all facets (video game producers, musicians, designers , filmmakers, ) in reaching their financial goal to fulfill their creative endeavours.  In exchange for financial support , some of the bigger pledgers  for Zach’s kickstarter project got their own personal copy of the script and the opportunity to accompany him at the premiere where Zach may or may not lay his hand “rest gently on their leg”.

Many of you are probably wondering why celebrities like Zach had the inclination to ask us for financial support.  In the words of Zach himself “Kickstarter has become a new paradigm for filmmakers who want to make smaller personal films without signing away any of their artistic freedom”. Garden State for example, wouldn’t have never been produced if it weren’t for “the sole investor” who believed in Zach and was a fan of  his script of his hit tv show Scrubs.

With all that being said, here are the top 8 reasons why you should be looking forward to Zach kickstartin’ his new film :

1. It’s directed and co written by Zach. Need I say more? If many of you already seen Garden State and fell in love with the quirky antics and dialogue exchanged between the cast members, then chances are you’ll get another shot at viewing this. His new movie is said to be fully directed by him and co written with his big brother Adam. So expect impromptu cameo features ( hint hint Donald Faison), random awkward exchanges and potential scenes similar to ones like Garden State aka Zach awkwardly being molested by dogs or being a spectator to a pug scratching his balls for a whole 10 seconds.

2. It features an extremely diverse cast.  By diverse I’m referring to Zach’s interesting choice of actors he chose to cast alongside him.  He casted  A- List  celebrities, like Kate Hudson , Anna Kendrick along with Homeland star Mandy Patinskin. There’s some B- listers as well like Josh Gad, Jim Parsons aka geeky Sheldon and even the infamous yet crazy “Hooch” from the former hit tv show Scrubs!  It goes withoutsaying that it’ll be interesting to see the dynamics shared between the cast members.

3.  Chances are it’ll probably have a super amazing soundtrack. My reason? Garden State’s soundtrack was so amazing that it won a freaken grammy. It was a perfect compilation that fit accordingly to the movie’s tone.  Zach has full creative agency for this film and with his former compilation talents highlighted in Garden State, there’s no denying he’ll satisfy our ears. So much so, that singer Chris Cornell from Soundgarden approached him because he’s interested in writing a song for the film.

4. It’s a continuation to Garden State. Most ofyou are fans of Garden State for  two reasons a ) because of the amazing soundtrack  and b)  because of the somewhat relatable storyline . Garden State was written during a period in Zach’s  life when he felt “overwhelmed and lost in his 20” . Wish I was here, isn’t a sequel to Garden State but rather a continuation of the dramatic comedy which portrays the “next chapter of your life in your 30s”.  The movie will exude the same realism that set the tone in Garden State and it’ll satisfy your curiosity in knowing what the “next chapter” is all about.

5. Wish I Was Here will allow us to get a true and accountable  version of what goes on in the quirky geeky brain of Zach.  Thanks to Quickstarter, Zach doesn’t need to make compromises on the film. Instead he has a say in the final cut and direction he wants the film to take. With that in mind, there shouldn’t be any cheesy love scenes  or lame hollywood car chases, but rather the real deal of what goes on in that quirkyyet silly mind of his. ( This probably includes a lot of impromptu cameo’s and random elbow dancing)

6. Two words , one awesome event : Comic Con. Okay anyone who hasn’t been to Comic Con NEEDS to go asap. Otherwise, enjoy the prospect of the movie having a comic con component ! As Zach mentioned in his Kickstarter video, instead of making “the money people cast Justin Bieber as a sexy pool boy”, he’s choosing to have Jim Parsons play the role of his character’s brother who enters a “cosplay contest to win over the heart of a sexy young fairy ”. Random? Yes. Weird? Even more so. Potentially Amazing? Damn Right.

7. Word on the street is that Zach is teaming up with costume designer Betsy Heimann. Most likely, this name won’t ring a bell (unless you’re an avid fan of costumer designers) Otherwise it should, because this Betsy gal has done great things while working on films such as Pulp Fiction, Almost Famous and Reservoir Dogs. Expect greatness from her which essentially means great costume get ups for the film.

8. He solemnly promises it’ll be awesome. In his Kickstarter video, seconds before the video ends, his goofy persona gets replaced by a more serious side when he solemnly gazes into the camera  and promises that “he’ll put everything he has into it and won’t let us down”. Now that’s one hell of a promise!


Take a look at Zach’s video for a visualization of his candid and lovable self professing his desire to kickstart his new film :


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