It’s the middle of June and the city of Montreal is just beginning to culminate into an eventful summer. From free outdoor concerts, sidewalks sales and food trucks (aka street meat) encompassing the downtown area, there’s no denying that in the month of june, Montreal is the city to be in.

This weekend I decided to bask in on some of the city’s awesomeness by attending  “Mural Festival”, a public art festival that features some of the best local and international street artists spray painting their indelible talent all across st laurent blvd.

Here are  a few pics of some murals I managed to capture before the hussle of the crowd came swarming in  :

(sometimes the exterior of walls don’t provide ample space for raw talent!)
 Making my way towards Prince Arthur , I stumbled upon graffiti from a street artist who I’ve been photostalking on instagram.He goes by the name of “Stikki Peaches” and similar to Banksy,  he doesn’t like revealing his identity. His ingenuity in incorporating mash ups of pop culture icons into his work while giving it that urban appeal was enough to catch my attention. His tagline “What if art ruled the word?” is the driving force behind his work or better yet “the method behind his madness” which probes you to look beyond the surface of his art for the underlying answer. You can trail his graffiti  by looking for mural’s and street art that features a mash up of recognizable pop culture icons like Batman, Queen Elizabeth, Kiss, James Dean  and even Darth Vader . Here’s his infamous ” batpunk” street art that I came across and admired  for a few minutes (until it became awkward for other people):


After the hype of capturing Stikki Peaches “BatPunk” , I made my way towards  Station 16, a creative print shop that features silk prints from a range of talented artists such as ahem ..Stikki Peaches! I’m no art enthusiast but the work featured at station 16 is seriously worth checking out. If you’ve got the swanky funds, then you can actually purchase a silk print (you lucky bastards!)

Here’s some of the awesome silk prints featured at the shop:


“Lost Kids” by WIA (whatisadam)


“Exterior Gloss” by INSA


“Ferrell cat” by Hanksy
“Batbond” by Stikki Peaches

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