1. As a night owl (or what I personally like to call a “nighthawker”) , the recesses of the night is when I can have thought provoking conversations with other fellow night owls. I decided to compile a list of controversial theories that a neighbour friend and I delved into. I felt the need to share it just because it made me realize everything is not always black and white, turns out there’s more gray to the mix than I thought. It left me googling ominous subjects at 3 am, and maybe if you’re a nightowl yourself, you might do the same. Anyways, here’s my top 4 controversial theories that my neighbour and I spoke about, at the wee hours of the night (or shall i say early morning?)

    marilyn monroe’s death : As much as the media wanted you to believe it was suicide by overdose  of  “rectally-administered barbiturate enema” (now i know why they referred  to it as simply “pills”)  there’s some serious controversy denoting that she may have been killed.  Turns out she too much than she should have. Apparently , her torrid affair she held with president JFK and possibly his brother robert (kinky much) , lead to a disclosure of top secrets, we’re talking national security matters. In addition to that, she even wanted to be the next first lady. For obvious reasons, JFK wanted to cut her off  and made his brother exchange the news to her (what a classy guy). On top of that, controversy ensues with the possibility that the government didn’t want to disclose the indiscretions that president exchanged with marilyn so some serious sinister plans may have been conjured up to prevent the truth from coming out .

    Chemtrails– you know those streaky lines in the sky that appear after an airplane? those are “contrails”, that come out of jets and airplanes and are said to be “natural byproduct of jet engines”. Contrails dissipate after awhile, while chemtrails linger and are said to have more threatening and hazardous effects. The controversy lies within the idea that the government has put other hazardous substances in the contrails thus creating “chemtrails”. Here’s the freaky part , theorists believe that “ the government could be experimenting with weather manipulation for defense purposes” and are dumping hazardous substances like barium into the land which  have been directly linked with an outbreak of  flu epidemics and have been adversely affecting animals and food as well through contamination .If you want to read more about it and it’s scientific jargon it’s all talked about here : “http://science.howstuffworks.com/transport/flight/modern/what-are-chemtrails1.htm”.

    Clones– Seems like I  may have been out of the loop, but most people are aware of the progression in genetic technology in 1994 when a female sheep named “Dolly” got successfully cloned. This begs the question : if an animal can be successfully cloned  from an “adult  somatic cell”  why hasn’t human cloning been successfully achieved yet ? The controversy lies in the fact that cloning (  aka a highly advanced procedure) can be done by DNA being extracted from a sheep and cloned.. why haven’t they still found a cure for cancer yet ?  http://www.dw.de/scientists-report-human-stem-cells-cloning-success/a-16816613

    There is life on Mars– Lately, there have been a ton of newsposts regarding people’s desires to live on mars. So much so, that there’s has been an application process where a selected few will be chosen to live there.. for eternity. Apparently in 10 years time, it will be feasible to reside there. Yet the real controversy is that there is potential life on mars at this very moment and by life I mean yes, “aliens” “green little men” whichever term conjures up in your mind when you think of extraterrestrials. According to a recent news article on the onion , NASA found “an enormous martian synagogue.. six kilometers south of  the grate crater”. I bet you’re thinking the same thing I am. A church for aliens? Grate crater? A lot to take in and comprehend, I know. Here’s the DL in case you’re just and confused and lost as I am : http://www.theonion.com/articles/curiosity-rover-to-explore-massive-martian-synagog,32714/?ref=auto



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