Two days ago, it  was raining hardcore here in Montreal . This was perfect weather for becoming reacquainted  with my former love of trip hop music. This includes listening to massive attack, morcheeba and tricky. Godamn, Tricky. Anyways, Tricky recently came out with a new album that is beyond amazing. Now, normally I’m not one to freak out over an album, or spam the hell out of facebook by posting videos of each new song, but seriously I’m just THAT tempted with this album. The album is called “false idols” and each song is different from the next. The entirety of the album is heavy on the percussive and downtempo beat which makes it a perfect album to listen to while you’re lounging around in the house or going for a nightly drive. It has a solid range of female singers who add a sultry element into the mix.  To get a a better idea of how amazing this album is , here’s a 15 minute sampler of each song off the album:




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