Around a few months ago, while browsing for movie titles on Netflix to watch, I stumbled upon a word error in one of the movie descriptions. Being the curious spelling police that I am, I thought to myself what better way to express my acknowledgement of this wordy error than by bringing it to the attention of the peeps who work for Netflix? Alas, my online chat with a very friendly customer service rep named “Crystal” commenced. Keep in mind that I was using my former boyfriend’s Netflix account at the time so she was under the impression that I was a male named Gabriel.

From seeking advice for keeping a stable mind during exam session, to bonding through our spelling police tendencies, add a mix of admiration of my former’s boyfriend’s name into the mix and I had  myself an interesting conversation with a surprisingly enthusiastic Netflix rep working from Las Vegas

Here are some fragments from the conversation that took place  between the ever so chatty yet savvy Crystal and I :




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