1. Even after a long hiatus from pizza hut, the former slogan “pizza hut and nothing but!’ stills plays in your head every time you go . While making your way out, you still can’t help but pick up your package of crayons ( even though you have no intentions of using them )

2. Your favourite clothing store is being infested by 16 year old high schoolers

3. You become increasingly more annoyed by high schoolers and instead of falling prey to their intimidation approach, you give them the bitch please stare

4. You still refer to costco as club price

5. You find yourself scrutinizing your appearance for signs of aging and are in denial of the fact that soon enough wrinkles will be creeping on your skin

6. When you ask someone to guess your age, they either do one of the following a) exclaim that you’re over 18 or b ) become timid and refrain from wanting to guess because they know you’re at “that sensitive age”

7.You seem to be better at holding conversations with your 40 something year old neighbour whose open minded perspective allows you to have 2 am conversations on controversial issues like  aliens and the government’s use of media as a catalyst for brainwashing.

8.When you come across a collection of 90’s pogs in your room, you start to reminscience about your childhood and how much time has elapsed since the carefree days when all that mattered was  collecting as many pogs as you possibly can and watching  the newest episodes of sailor moon or pokemon

9.Your parents want to buy you a double bed, even though you’re perfectly comfortable with your twin

10.Comitting simple acts like drying dishes and cleaning up your room are no longer gestures that are praised for doing but rather expected

11.Your friends bring you to a club on your birthday called “Roxbury” that plays all music from the 90’s. While there, you still can sing along to most of the songs and despite the flock of cougars and strange looking men, you find yourself feeling more comfortable there than any other club.


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