Normally I’m not one to go out on a monday night , especially since the weather has now returned back to cool spring temperature . Yet, I decided to bask in on the fun with my two girl friends and go to a bar in the Old Port that featured a live band. Before some tipsy spurs, there was much observation on my part  from the crowd I was encompassed by. So I decided, what better way to document my observations then by compiling a  list of the five types of people I came across and here they are :

1. The highly sociable/flamboyant “married men” who appear extremely close knit but claim they’re straight. When one of the men’s highy outgoing nature makes  me  feel particularly uncomfortable  he conducts an impromptu  interview with me asking me questions like ‘whats your favourite colour or “who do hate more Justin Bieber or Rihanna ” as a way to entice comfort in me. He buys me a drink afterwards and recommends a song . Not a bad guy after all.

2. The random herd of mexicans who come in mid way between the show to only sit in the back and talk amongst each other.They mark their departure by saluting to the band and having them play a mexican rendition of ariba ariba on the drums and on the saxophone.

3.  The middle aged couple who appear seemingly older than most yet want to  appear younger by attempting to exchange words with the younger and getting crunk. As a result, one gets too crunk and starts talking loudly and offers her man to dance with him. I sit and admire the spectacle of  their awkward  elbows swaying back and forth to the music , yet cant help but envy the unwavering bond and chemistry held between the two.

4. The random guys who sit at the bar the entire time  in their sweat pants and sports caps who do nothing but exchange words amongst each other and occasionally glance at the people walking in. yawn.

5. The man with the revealing hairy butt crack which everyone acknowledges yet refrains from commenting on . That is, until one valiant soul openly makes a remark about  it and eases everyone’s discomforting sights and thoughts by placing a lounge chair behind him to shield his hairy culo. god save us all.


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