It goes without saying that Frankenweenie is characteristic of a Disney movie due to one major aspect : it’s heartfelt. Otherwise,  it exhibits all the qualities and perks of a movie directed by Tim Burton.. You name it, Frankenweenie’s got it. A broody atmosphere? check.  A music score by Danny Elfman? Check. Quirky and eccentric characters that exhibit grosteque appearances? Check. The film also pays homage to a variety of cult figures in classic monster films such as godzilla, the gremlins and even bride of frankenstein. If you’re a junkie of monster flicks, then you’ be amused to see how Burton incorporates these cult figures into the film and turns them into comic relief.

Deriving from the short 30 minute film Burton directed back in 1984, this feature length stop motion film tells the heartfelt tale of the length a boy would go to save his dog. Unlike most tales, this boy (who goes by the eponymous name of Victor Frakenstein) goes to extreme lengths to save his dog and by extreme I’m talking resurrection from the dead.

Set in a classic black and white 1960’s suburbia,the movie opens up with Victor Frankenstein and his family watching a cute video of their dog Sparky being the wonderfully cute canine that he is (ie prancing around and performing playful gestures). It transitions  from cuteness to fascination as we become voyeurs  to the solitary lifestyle that characterizes the boy’s life . This  includes secluding himself in his scientific cavern (that’s situated in an upstairs attic) and experimenting with science projects . The movie  then shifts to empathy when we come to witness that the boy’s  sole companion and attention comes from his dog Sparky. The tragedy has yet to commence, as we soon become witnesses to the tragic sudden death of his dog (which I’ll do the honors of not spoiling!). Image

All of this is interwoven between subplots of various quirky characters in a film. from a girl whose cat can dream up bad omens of other fellow children through its poop to  an aggressive competition between the male gender for winning the science fair.Frankenweenie will make you laugh and make you cry. Don’t worry if you watch it in 3d, your glasses will conceal your teary eyed self and hide your soft spot you have for dogs (or maybe just for Sparky)

Rating : 9/10


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